Bespoke Training, Workshops & Supervision

I provide bespoke training for The National Health Service (NHS), organisations, charities and the education sector (schools, colleges, universities), including workshops which focus on:

    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy                    
    • Compassion Focused Therapy 
    • Compassionate Mind Training                     
    • Mental Health                   
    • Mindfulness                                                     
    • Practitioner Self-Care                                        
    • Resilience Training                                                                 
    • Workplace and Staff Wellbeing

My academic and research interests focus on therapeutic interventions for trauma, compassion in healthcare, knowledge, theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy, mental health provision, and the importance of practitioner self-care. 

I also provide one-to-one and group supervision for therapists and trainee therapists.

Upcoming events:

29th June 2021

SEBDA Conference. Mental Health Now: Planning a Positive Future for Children and Young PeopleBeing Kinder to Myself: Creative and compassionate ways to boost welling by Elaine Beaumont

6th July 2021

Learn how to be kinder to yourself by Elaine Beaumont

Various Dates

Compassionate Mind Training by Elaine Beaumont for NHS Greater Manchester Midwives & Health Visitors

14th October 2021

The Kindness Crusade: Creative and compassionate ways to boost wellbeing (Elaine Beaumont & Mary Welford The Compassionate Mind Foundation Conference)

13th November 2021

World Kindness Day: How therapists can use creative exercises to help people learn to be kinder to themselves

18th March 2022

The Kindness Crusade: Creative and Compassionate Ways to Boost Wellbeing


“Fabulous workshop that should be given to all NHS employees especially to newly qualified nurses/midwives on their preceptorship course.”

“It was fantastic day and Elaine managed to hold the group together in a nurturing and calm way. More please!”

“Made me emotional such a knowledgeable passionate lady and this is truly going to improve my practice and support I offer to my staff.”

“I could do these workshops with Elaine every month. Loved it, I try to leave work behind when I finish but you have inspired me to buy your book and actually do some reading!”

“I think it was wonderful. The best training I've had in a long time. I needed this time for me.”

“It was really well organised and presented. Thank you. I wouldn't change anything.”

“Immensely valuable and I am left feeling really positive about how I can use this learning in my practise as a midwife. Elaine is very engaging and the course was great.”

“Elaine was brilliant. It was great. I have really really enjoyed it one of the most enjoyable study days I’ve been on. Thank you.”

“I feel all staff would benefit from attending this training. More training please!”

“Thank you so much Elaine, your knowledge surrounding compassion has been valuable and I will definitely use this in practise.”

“Elaine's enthusiasm and knowledge. I learnt so many take away things. The exercises were really helpful and I can already see how I could use them in my work. On a personal level this was a reminder of self-care and I felt I had time to slow down and focus on me.”

“I really, really enjoyed it all. I enjoyed learning about the research and practising the practical exercises. The pitch and pace was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.”

“I feel supported that this is being recognised and we are supported to attend the course. Elaine was inspirational and I was thankful for the time to myself for the training.”

“I found it all really helpful. Elaine has been amazing throughout and explained it all so well that I think it has been her approach that has been the most helpful today.”

“The whole day was brilliant. Having protected time to learn about this subject and reflect on my skills, knowledge, personality and me!”

“I really enjoyed learning about our tricky brain and the practical exercises which I can use with my teams. I really enjoyed it. Great tips for self-care and self-compassion which is needed at the moment for myself and many colleagues.”

“What has really made me fully engage with this session is the fact that I have been able to attend virtually form the comfort of my home... don't change the way this is delivered.... I have been totally engaged thank you.”

“Expert teaching from such a knowledgeable therapist.”

“It has encouraged me to self care and be compassionate towards myself. To have a deeper self awareness of myself.”

“Self compassion is necessary to be well!! I found that we would all benefit from self care and not just caring for others. Self care will enable us to care more sensitively for others.

“Elaine's style of training was fantastic and I found the experiential exercises really helpful. There was a lovely balance between theory and ways to implement strategies in therapy.”

“It helped me realise that I don't make time for myself or congratulate myself when I achieve a goal. But to others I give encouragement and praise. It’s helped me be more self aware.”

“Elaine's knowledge and skills that she shared, the practical work, so relaxing and helpful.”

“Generally just attending and having my first introduction into CMT was both personally and professionally very valuable. I feel it will enhance my wellbeing to enable me to be more successful in my own life and my career going forward.”

“The practical activities discussed and delivered during the session were really great. I feel they were more useful as I began to understand the physiological and theoretical underpinnings of the exercises. I really enjoyed this session and would go as far to say I needed this session to move forward in post pandemic working and life!”

“The exercises and discussions about what would be useful to implement and consider using with young people and the practical exercises were fantastic! I will definitely try to use these more going forward.”

“I love it all. Elaine was so calming and soothing. The tricky brain explanation was eye opening.”